Russian girls. What are they like?

It’s quite difficult to describe a typical Russian girl. One can use a lot of generalizations. For example they are the prettiest girls in the world. Or that they are slim and tall, with blond hair and almond eyes. They like to dress up and it seems that they are wearing designer’s clothes every day. That may seem silly to describe Russian women so general but most of these statements are true. Well, it’s much easier to describe an appearance of a typical Russian girl than to describe her character.  Her personality depends on her origin, on her family and subculture she is from. It’s possible to point out some of typically Russian peculiarities of behavior. It’s very useful for a westerner to know these features in order to be ready for you Russian girlfriend’s specific nature.

Well, let’s begin with her expectations. A Russian lady is aimed at family and having children much more than a girl from the U.S. But as any girl she needs to be loved and respected. She needs a man who will treat her good and make her feel herself a woman and a wife. She needs a husband she can trust so she can open up and show all her best qualities. A Russian woman needs that feeling of safety first of all because she takes home maker role. She keeps the house and brings up children. Sure she can work if it’s needed but her attention will always be on her family. Despite being very romantic, women are also very practical. She will feel good if she knows that she and her children have a place to live and food to eat.

So if you have a Russian girlfriend you should know that most of them will expect you take care of them and to be a real gentleman. That means to open a door for them, to give them a coat, to pay their bills and to accompany them almost everywhere. At the same time they will help you out with any homework. Besides Russian women are quite pushy in everyday life. It happens because Russian reality makes women disruptive. But Russian women are not as independent as western girls. They prefer to feel that a man cares about them.

Russian girls are really romantic but at the same time they want to success in life. Most Russian girls have a University degree. They study and at the same time they will go into relations without hesitation if they fall in love. She will spend a whole day with you just walking around the city even in case they have important things to do the next day. She will go oversees just to be together with her man. She will expect a lot of you, but you will get even more in return.

You may have a question why do Russian women look for husbands abroad. Well many of them just can’t find a husband in their country. Statistics shows that there are 10 millions more women than men in Russia. So as you can see there are too little men in Russia and all women just can’t find husbands there. Besides Russian men not always make good husbands. Many of them are alcohol abused.  So women have to get divorced and look for another husband. Sure after having a family with a man addicted to alcohol a woman is disappointed and want to be sure not have the same experience once again. Most Russian girls believe that westerners are different and make much better husbands than Russian men. So if you feel that you can become a good husband for a Russian woman you have all chances to get a good and happy family.